In Memory of Matthew Renk

Our mission is to provide much needed emotional and financial support to individuals and families facing the challenges associated with brain cancer. Through the work of the Matthew Renk Foundation, we will continue to help fight the challenges of this disease and to support those most impacted.

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The Foundation is now undergoing a brand new project with CHOP's Ambulatory Care Center for completion in July 2015.

The building is being designed to provide patients with views of the plaza and roof garden. Studies show that green space provides a calming influence that reduces stress, speeds the healing process, and increases productivity. Patients often report feeling better after spending time in a garden and tolerate medical procedures more easily. The newly created landscapes embody the Buerger's Center's mission as a designated place for reflection, recovery and healing by using the best sustainable practices and green initiatives, which in turn reflect a lush and healthy ecology.
With philanthropic support from the Matthew Renk Foundation, these breathtaking green spaces will reach their full potential, reinforcing the building as a place of comfort, healing and all-around excellence…. 

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